Music for romantic moments

Sometimes people ,that visit my apartments, ask me what music I use during dates :) For me background is very important : nice lingerie, cosy place and ,of course, sexy music. Here is the link on one of my favourite band , that I prefer to hear during dates. And what music do you prefer to hear during intimate moments ? :)


Christmas time

  December has come and it means , that Christmas , my Birthday (who still doesn't know, I was born at 21.12 :) ) and New Year will come very soon :) Some of my clients like to make me happy at these special days :) Usually I receive a lot of messages with congratulations , but some guys also present me gifts. Of course, I appreciate their care and attention very much and I am happy to know, that they remember about me :) But sometimes it happen, when gentleman want to please me , but doesn t know, how to do it. So , I decided to help in this question and give some advices :)

  First of all, I kindly ask you do not present me lingerie. It s very easy to make a mistake in size( sizes in different brands are a bit different), so you will spend time and money and after this I will receive too small/too big bra or panties...Also, please, don't present me clothes or shoes(the same reason). Exceptions are:  peignoirs and stockings. For stockings my size is S(Falke) , 2/B(Agent Provocateur) or M(Wolford). For peignoirs my size is S.

If you want to bring me perfume, please, notice , that I prefer selective and niche perfumery. My favourite brands are : Amouage , Boadicea the Victorious, David Jourquin, Stephan Humbert Lucas , Micallef, Serge Lutens , Dorin. I prefer sweet,  balsamic , powdery , tobacco fragrances :)

  I am also a big fan of Louis Vuitton scarfs, shawls ,bags. These gifts will be also appreciated.

  I am happy to receive sertificats to SPA, as I like SPA.

  Sex toys will be also appreciated:) I like to play with toys :))) But, plz, choose small or medium size:)

  I like white wine, champagne and milk/white chocolate(without almond).

  If we meet in Brussels or Luxembourg , please, dont present me flowers. Of course, as a real woman , I like them, but during my trip I change my location from time to time, so it s uncomfortable to travel with bouquets...But if we meet in Petersburg or Tallinn, my favourite flower is white lily:)

  Books in English will be also appreciated. I prefer classic literature. If you want to present me a book in German, please, choose smth. very simple, like fairytales or textbooks(my level is A2 or basic).

And , of course, even simple message with sincere congratulation will be also appreciated! I am happy to know,that you remember about me:)

P.S. Any gifts are not expected , but will be definetly appreciated.


Escort trip to Asia


   I like my job :)  Being high class independent escort I can fulfill my sexual fantasies, meet interesting people and also travel a lot. This month I visited 3 different cities : Kuala Lumpur, Luxembourg and Moscow. It wasn't my first time in Luxembourg and Moscow , I visit them quite often , but trip to Malaysia was really a new experience for me! I visited the majority of European countries, but I have never been in Asia before. So, when I 've got a booking for a few days in Kuala Lumpur, I was really glad.

   Kuala Lumpur is very different from European and Arabic cities. I was really surprised by its weather. Always warm and wet, even at the night. As a person from Northern city , I was surprised, that it s possible walk at the night without warm scarf or jacket :)) 
  Kuala Lumpur is the city of contrasts. While in the city centre you can find a lot of beautiful buildings, good hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, in another parts of the city buildings are small and ugly, everything is dirty , there are a lot of poor people, cheap markets with fakes instead of big shopping galaries.


    The thing , that really impressed me, is local oceanarium. There are so many interesting fishes, jellyfishes, shrimps! I felt myself, like a child, in this place :))
    But everything has its end and after 4 days my trip has been finished and I had to come back home. In 1 day I was already on my way to Luxembourg. But it s another story :)


Home,sweet home...

 My vacation in Montenegro is over,and I am happy to come back home.My trip was really nice. I felt in love with beautiful nature and friendly people in Sveti Stefan and Budva. To say the truth,I was surprised,when one of my regulars,told me during our date: "I have something for you.I know,that you like to travel,so I would like to present a trip for you.Feel free to choose the country,but I want to recommend you Montenegro.I was there last year and I really liked this place!". Now,after 9 wonderful days in this country, I would like to say,that I am agree with him and I want to say him "thank you" for this gift.

But my vacation has been finished. Then I visited my family in Tallinn and came back to St.Petersburg. My native city is cold and rainy, as usual. But I like it. It has his own charm and it makes it different from other cities. Tomorrow I will return to my usual life with dates,university,gym,meetings with my friends,but this evening I am going to spend alone in one of my favourite restaurants with panoramic view,drinking glass of wine and looking on my native city.