Upcoming trips

Hi there)

I am glad to inform you about my upcoming tours)

4-8 of September - Brussels
9-11 of September - Antwerp

12-16 of September - Luxembourg

17 of September - Paris

Bookings in advance are highly recommended:)

See you soon,



Share your fantasies with me!

   Today I would like to talk with guys, that like me, my photos and videos, but are not interested in real dates. If you prefer to masturb on sexy photos instead of dates in real life, if you don't have possibility to meet me or you just have a free time, then this message is for you :) 
   Sometimes I spoil my regulars with erotic games or role plays, sometimes men ask me to suggest them something interesting by themselves. Of course, I have a lot of ideas, but it also could be useful to know something new. That's why I decided to suggest you a game: send me your sexual fantasy (what do you want to do with me or what you would like another guy does with me) to my special mail yoursecreteroticfantasy@gmail.com. If your fantasy is unusual and interesting, I will suggest it to my clients. If one of them will like it and we will realize it in reality, you will get a prize.
   I have 2 types of prizes: 
1.) Story about how was your dream became truth. Of course, full of erotic details and , of course, without personal info about my client(confidentiality is very important for me!).
2.) My sexy photos(without face, sure), made special for you.
   If you are interested, then follow some rules. First of all, your fantasy should be interesting! Also it should be possible to realize your fantasy in real life.
Waiting for your dirty dreams on yoursecreteroticfantasy@gmail.com and , hope, you will win your prize.
Have a good luck :)


Music for romantic moments

Sometimes people ,that visit my apartments, ask me what music I use during dates :) For me background is very important : nice lingerie, cosy place and ,of course, sexy music. Here is the link on one of my favourite band , that I prefer to hear during dates. And what music do you prefer to hear during intimate moments ? :)


Christmas time

  December has come and it means , that Christmas , my Birthday (who still doesn't know, I was born at 21.12 :) ) and New Year will come very soon :) Some of my clients like to make me happy at these special days :) Usually I receive a lot of messages with congratulations , but some guys also present me gifts. Of course, I appreciate their care and attention very much and I am happy to know, that they remember about me :) But sometimes it happen, when gentleman want to please me , but doesn t know, how to do it. So , I decided to help in this question and give some advices :)

  First of all, I kindly ask you do not present me lingerie. It s very easy to make a mistake in size( sizes in different brands are a bit different), so you will spend time and money and after this I will receive too small/too big bra or panties...Also, please, don't present me clothes or shoes(the same reason). Exceptions are:  peignoirs and stockings. For stockings my size is S(Falke) , 2/B(Agent Provocateur) or M(Wolford). For peignoirs my size is S.

If you want to bring me perfume, please, notice , that I prefer selective and niche perfumery. My favourite brands are : Amouage , Boadicea the Victorious, David Jourquin, Stephan Humbert Lucas , Micallef, Serge Lutens , Dorin. I prefer sweet,  balsamic , powdery , tobacco fragrances :)

  I am also a big fan of Louis Vuitton scarfs, shawls ,bags. These gifts will be also appreciated.

  I am happy to receive sertificats to SPA, as I like SPA.

  Sex toys will be also appreciated:) I like to play with toys :))) But, plz, choose small or medium size:)

  I like white wine, champagne and milk/white chocolate(without almond).

  If we meet in Brussels or Luxembourg , please, dont present me flowers. Of course, as a real woman , I like them, but during my trip I change my location from time to time, so it s uncomfortable to travel with bouquets...But if we meet in Petersburg or Tallinn, my favourite flower is white lily:)

  Books in English will be also appreciated. I prefer classic literature. If you want to present me a book in German, please, choose smth. very simple, like fairytales or textbooks(my level is A2 or basic).

And , of course, even simple message with sincere congratulation will be also appreciated! I am happy to know,that you remember about me:)

P.S. Any gifts are not expected , but will be definetly appreciated.