Want to spoil your favourite companion? Here are some ideas :)

For those of you, who wants to make me happy and spoil me with a gift, here are some ideas.

* means preffered

All links are clickable !


Shower gels, body creams, body oils(IL)

Petit Pois (clothes, lingerie , IL) *

Studiopia (lingerie, International) *

Bordelle (lingerie, International) *



Shower gels , room sprays ( IL )



Shower gels, candles ( IL )


Perfumes ( IL )



Azrieli mall(IL)

Marjolaine ( lingerie , International )*

If you want to buy a gift buy yourself and come with it on our date :
https://www.zrp.co.il/ - different locations in Tel Aviv
(room sprays, body lotions, candles. please, don't buy me perfumes by this brand. I have them ALL :))

Flowers * can be sent to my adress ( if we already met and you know it) or you can bring them to our date.
I love irises, sunflowers and lilies.

You can also tip me via Onlyfans ,or send a gift via CRYPTO (Btc, Eth, USDT)*

Gifts are not expected, but always appreciated ! :) Thank you for spoiling me :)

NB My email for gift cards - AuroraDOrsay@gmail.com