Always wanted to meet me , but our paths never crossed?  Would like to escape for a few days together?  Bored in a business trip? Your city is not in my touring schedule ? Why not FlyMeToYou? :) I love to travel and I am always passport ready.

Travel rates :

Less than 4h by flight from my home base/current touring location
1 day 3500usd + tickets +accomodation ( longer duration can be discussed )
4-8h by flight
2days min 5500usd +tickets + accomodation ( longer duration can be discussed )
8-16h by flight
3days min 8000usd +business class tickets +accomodation
16h+ by flight
4days minimum -7 days maximum 2500usd/per day +business class tickets +accomodation (separate hotel room is required)

Requirements :
Screening is a MUST
Deposit 30% (non refundable) 
7.30h of uniterrupted sleeping per day
1h of a personal time per day
Other important details :
I don't eat pork ,seafood (excluding fish) and don't combine meat with diary products
I am used to have meal 3 times per day, breakfast is a must
I am allergical to cats/dogs fur

Special conditions for my dream and favourite destinations :
Santorini , Seychelles, Japan, Bora Bora , Fidji, Corsica , Aruba , Iceland (summer only) , Faroe Islands (summer only), Maldives, Switherland, Uzbekistan , Namibia, Kenya , South Africa.