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    מוקי (Wednesday, 29 November 2023 16:19)

    למביני ענין ,נפגשתי אתמול עם הילדה ופגישתנו הבאה כבר נקבעה, מדהימה בכל קנה של מידה ,אינטלגנטית ,אשת שיחה, סקסית ומגרה במבט ראשון ,את שאר הפרטים בשעתיים הנוספות נשמור לעצמנו woo woo

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    Idan (Wednesday, 22 November 2023 20:10)

    אברורה הייתה מדהימה פשוט אין מילים לתאר כמה שאכפת לה ממך. פשוט מדהימה!!!

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    Anuj (Sunday, 29 October 2023 19:29)

    पिछली रात अव्रोरा से मुलाकात हुई, काफी रोमांचक मुलाकात। उसके पास सुखदायक व्यक्तित्व और सुडौल शरीर है जिस पर वह मर मिटती है। तीन घंटे बीत गए और यह एक ऐसा अनुभव था जिसे मैं जीवन भर याद रखूंगा। कृपया इस जलपरी से अवश्य मिलें जब वह आपके शहर में हो। ढेर सारा प्यार और चुंबन ��

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    Tarek Radwan (Monday, 23 October 2023 09:57)

    If I can describe Avrora in one word, I’d say goddess..if I can use three words I’d say kind, passionate and sweet. I had one feeling after leaving and it was when I’ll see her again. Such a wonderful loving kind person ❤️

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    Tamilbro (Thursday, 28 September 2023 20:06)

    நான் அரோராவை துபாயில் சந்தித்தேன். நாங்கள் பல்வேறு தலைப்புகளைப் பற்றி பேசினோம். அவள் மிகவும் நட்பாகவும் அழகாகவும் இருக்கிறாள்.

    உங்களுக்கு வாய்ப்பு இருந்தால் நீங்கள் அவளை சந்திக்க வேண்டும்

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    Catlover (Thursday, 28 September 2023 18:19)

    मेरी मुलाकात अरोरा से मुंबई में हुई। वह बहुत खूबसूरत लड़की है. उससे मुलाकात के बारे में सब कुछ मेरी उम्मीदों से परे था। वह वास्तव में एक अद्भुत लड़की है। जब भी आप भारत आएं तो मुंबई जरूर आएं।

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    Catlover (Thursday, 28 September 2023 17:44)

    I met Aurora in Mumbai. She’s a very beautiful girl. Everything about meeting her was beyond my expectations. She’s truly an amazing girl to be with. Do visit Mumbai everytime you come to India.
    Best wishes.

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    Shaun (Thursday, 24 August 2023 22:17)

    वह बहुत हॉट है... आपकी गर्लफ्रेंड से भी बेहतर

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    זלמן כהן (Sunday, 11 June 2023 00:43)

    זי איז דאס בעסטע וואס עס איז נאר פארהאן אויב מען זינדיגט שוין איז נאר מיט איר.....

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    דניאל (Friday, 02 June 2023 16:30)

    היא קיבלה אותי בחיוך ולקחה אותי לדירה הנקייה שלה, שם שתינו תה צרפתי ודיברנו על נושאים שונים. באותו יום הגיע משליח עם הבגד סקסי החדש שלה וניסתה אותם בשבילי. אשה יפה, חכמה, ומאוד מקצועית. אפשרות מעולה אם אתה מחפש זמן טוב. עזבתי אותה ב״הי״ תודה רבה לך!
    א פיינה מיידאל

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    ‏שמולי (Monday, 15 May 2023 15:11)

    פאינה נייס ‏זיוה אווזי ט

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    אפי (Friday, 12 May 2023 08:23)

    פגשתי בחורה מהממת חמודה עם חיוך מליון דולר מפנקת ברמות ואוהבת מה שהיא עושה. נכנסתי לדירה היא משדרת מיד רוגע כל כך נעים ושמח מעצמה נשיקות קלות טיזרית אמיתית. שיחה קלילה ומעניינת על סוגי אוכל ועוד. נגשנו לשיחה של המפגש וציינה שבדיוק קנתה סטרפון חדשה ורוצה לנסות אותו. לשמחתי הנסיון הצליח התענוג היה רבה יצאתי ממנה שבע עם רצון לעוד. עליה נאמר יש מאה רוצה מאתים.
    תודה לך.
    I met a women full of fun and relaxtion so calming as i walked in after a full day of work she offered a cold drink and to chat first. No rush at all a smart sweet beautiful woman. Beside discrection reasons not to show her face in pictures the beauty alone is enough to understand why she hides herself. A smile worth a million bucks a face worth more. Her giggle and demeanor thru outvthe whole meeting was amazing. Sexy sweet knows what she wants and what the client needs. We chatted as she offered other drinks (her lips are so soft) we shared a bit about our interest in food ect. then on to the part of the meeting. Up came the part where she mentioned a brandnew strapon she wanted to try out. Wow was a succsess in my point of view. She sure knows how to use one with ease and pleasure I left her pleased and wamting more.
    Avora is someone worth meeting for a good few hours nothing less.
    Thank you dear you made my evening.

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    Y.I.N (Monday, 08 May 2023 17:09)

    אוורורה היא אישה מקסימה שמחבקת אותך עם המון אהבה, יש אווירה טובה ויש לה ניסיון מיוחד.
    סופר סקסית עם תחושה מאוד טובה.

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    N (Monday, 24 April 2023 19:12)

    Dear Auora
    As I walked thru the door, she wrapped her arms around me, pushed me on the bed and snogged beyond my imagination , As starts go this was pretty good.
    Thank you for your pleasing and caring personality , the way you treat
    You are Hedone

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    יענקי (Friday, 14 April 2023 20:07)

    די בעסטע מיידל וואס איך האב געטראפן א גיטע ענגליש זי האט מיך געמאכט פילן זייער באקוועם עס איז געווען זייער געשמאק זי האט געטיון אלעס וואס איך האב געוואלט און זי האט זיך נישט געאיילט סאיז געווען געשמאק צי רעדן מיט זי נאכדעם אריין אין בעט ציזאמען און זי האט מיר געזאגט טי וואס די ויילסט צי מיר איך בין דיינס איך קען נישט ווארטן צריקציגיין זי צי טרעפן נאךאמאל זי איז אידושע מיידיל וואס זיכט נאר צי העלפן מענער וואס זייער וויבער געבן נישט וואס זיי דארפן צדיקת איך האב דיר ליב

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    BDC (Monday, 10 April 2023 13:36)

    Met her today in Mumbai. Beyond Excellent. The communication, etiquette and experience was just astounding. Loved meeting her. See you soon

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    Jonatan (Tuesday, 04 October 2022 13:28)

    Thank you for amazing experience. It was first time for me meeting escort girl and I didn’t know what to expect. Avrora is nice, funny, nice person, sensitive and make me feel comfortable. Her smell and the body is super sexy. I felt like dating the best girl ever. She used vibrator in front of me which was super sexy. Thank you for this great experience

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    Kelvin (Thursday, 30 June 2022 10:38)

    She is amazing so gentle so loving I feel that I know her from long time she is not in a hurry
    What can I say about her
    I have not enough words

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    Saar (Sunday, 19 June 2022 22:11)

    I met with Avrora last month,
    It was amazing like dating my ex-girlfriend.
    She welcome me with elegant dress, wine and we talked.
    I dont remember when I enjoyed like that.
    I was a bit nervous and she was amazing making me relax. The sex was ���
    Sorry don’t like to share.

    Will see her soon.

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    Devadmin (Wednesday, 18 May 2022 05:50)

    It was a real adventure meeting you and spend some time together. We were able to talk literally about everything, while getting to the point and the tension was raising from one minute to another. Your beautiful eyes along with soft lips were awesome, the time we've spent in the bathtub passed so quick that we got the water cold. It was professional and natural encounter I'd remember for a long time. And definitely will think about meeting you again.

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    קקטוס (Thursday, 07 April 2022 19:31)

    אורורה פשוט נהדרת, זה מעבר למראה היפהפה והסקסיות שלה. כל האינטראקציה מאוד נעימה, החל משלב ההתכתבות במייל שבו ניתן לתאם ציפיות ולפרט פנטזיות, ועד לשלב שבו נכנסתי לדירתה והתקבלתי באירוח חם (תרתי משמע) ומפנק. התחלנו מסטריפטיז חושני ולאפ דאנס שלה, המשכנו למקלחת משותפת במקלחון תל אביבי קטן וצפוף (יתרון...), וסיימנו בסשן ממושך במיטה שלה. הכל בלי תחושה של לחץ (הלכתי על מפגש של שעתיים, ממליץ אם חשוב לכם גם השיחה שלפני וליצור חיבור). אורורה מתוקה - נשיקות וחיבוקים *:

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    Yousuf (Monday, 31 January 2022 08:50)

    She is very good lady also nice,open,mind and all services ,she is like Hollywood actress

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    fred (Sunday, 09 February 2020 09:21)

    J'ai rencontré Avrora plusieurs fois à Luxembourg, et à chaque fois qu'elle ouvre sa porte j'ai la même pensée "mon dieu qu'elle est belle...".
    Elle est un peu la version russe d'Aphrodite : Grande, sculpturale avec des jambes fines et élancées, un visage d'ange souligné par un regard enjoleur, sportive assurément, un corps de rêve.
    Et comme si cela de suffisait pas, en plus elle est intelligente, elle a de la conversation et elle est très cultivée.Si vous la rencontrez un jour, il vous sera difficile de vous passez d'elle ensuite.
    D'un professionalisme sans faille, elle est parfaite jusqu'au bout des ongles qu'elle a parfaitement manucurés, une cheveleure de feux magnifique, et d'une douceur sans égal, une peau douce comme du velours au parfun délicat.
    C'est un ange, mais elle sait aussi être un petit démon.
    Une femme magnifique et fabuleuse.
    A rencontrer absolument et au plus vite.
    A bientôt Avrora.bisous.

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    K. (Friday, 17 May 2019 12:29)

    Une silhouette élancée, des yeux doux, un sourire charmeur, des courbes parfaites, une chute de reins de rêve, des jambes interminables et une allure de top modèle que vous ne pouvez que suivre du regard...
    Avrora est faite de cet incroyable assemblage dont seul un ou une alchimiste prodigue a le secret. Sans oublier un merveilleux accent et une intelligence qui s'immisce dans chaque conversation.
    En un mot, elle est unique.
    Une étoile qu'il ne suffit pas de regarder et qu'il ne faudrait pas laisser filer !

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    Daniel (Thursday, 02 May 2019 19:07)

    Where to start... well if you’re reading this it means you might hesitate between different options.... my advise is don’t miss this gorgeous delicate and naughty princess. A teasing queen. I booked 2h and we end up 4 or more as time flew. Amazing social time with great conversation. This princess is educated, cultured with a strong EQ. She switched from GFE to PSE with talent and ease. I would kiss and sleep on this silky skin for ages... a pure beauty, a pure charme with character... I won’t go into details but all boxes are ticked... Thank you Avrora �

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    Nicola (Wednesday, 20 February 2019 01:16)

    This girl is mind-blowing! She is beautiful, gentle, hot, crazy and very sweet!
    You can ask her any fantasy, her fantasy and execution is always better than your thoughts...

    She can be traditional - nothing wrong with that � - or very naughty if you want.
    I really recommend the gold package, just enjoy.

    Sharing a bottle of Bollinger with her is a good starter, it only gets better. So thanks Avrora for this wonderful date, see you soon!

    PS : did I mention she really is gorgeous xxx

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    Arthur (Thursday, 16 August 2018 23:58)

    Magnifique rencontre, magnifique personne.
    Avrora je suis fan de toi ;)

    Toujours élégante, toujours belle, très soigneuse de son hygiène et de celle des autres, d'un professionnalisme et d'un beauté sans pareille. Beauté aussi bien physique q'interieur.
    J'aime aussi son intelligence et son côté nature qui vous met à l'aise instantanément.

    A croqué ! �

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    Denis (Monday, 13 August 2018 18:26)

    Aurora ist die perfekte europäische Geisha! Offen für heiße Rollenspiele von zärtlich bis hard. Absolut zu empfehlen, aber nur für Kenner, die was Besonderes lieben und schätzen.

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    Mark (Thursday, 26 July 2018 13:55)

    A little delayed in posting this. I met Avrora in Brussels for one hour, evening of 3 June.

    She is every bit as elegant and beautiful as the photos on her website suggest. I spent a wonderful relaxing hour with her, and she made an extra effort to make me -- a true first timer -- feel comfortable. Not only that but she patienty and kindly responded to all my emails and texts in advance of our meeting, which took up her valuable time. She's genuinely a nice person, laughs easily, and is naturally outgoing, friendly and ready to talk about anything.

    I chose to see Avrora in part because of her beauty, but even moreso because the professional attitude reflected on her website made me feel safe in her respect for privacy. She is truly authentic, responsible, completely open minded, and a joy to spend time with! I won't have the opportunity to visit the cities she visits in future, except very rarely, but I would meet with her again in an instant.

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    Alex (Sunday, 22 July 2018 13:04)

    I was fortunate to meet Avrora on the last day of my trip to Russia. I chose her 3 hour gold package since I wanted to try some new things and I am happy I took the extra time and services.

    She is tall, elegant and beautiful with 'model' good looks and a slim body type which is just what I like - her red hair was a pleasant surprise since she is blond in some of the photos on her website, it suits her well. She was pleasant, intelligent, interesting and easy to talk to.

    In short, this was my best experience with an escort - Avrora blew me away with her beauty, enthusiasm and energy. I was able to try some new experiences for myself and made some lasting memories. A great experience and highly recommended - thank you Avrora.

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    jeff (Saturday, 14 July 2018 17:40)

    I first met Avrora two years ago and I was immediately impressed by her amazing beauty and style. But she is not just a stunning beauty but also very educated and curious about arts and literature. She likes to visit museums, and is fascinated by anything beautiful. It is very stimulating to talk to her and I felt very relaxed to be with her. She is also a very sensitive and warm hearted person. Avrora is the woman of your dreams you can for a time hold in your arms.

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    Steven (Thursday, 12 July 2018 19:19)

    As beautiful as in the photos and more skilled than you can imagine :-)
    I would really suggest the gold package, and enjoy. I did and will do so again, hopefully soon.