Home,sweet home...

 My vacation in Montenegro is over,and I am happy to come back home.My trip was really nice. I felt in love with beautiful nature and friendly people in Sveti Stefan and Budva. To say the truth,I was surprised,when one of my regulars,told me during our date: "I have something for you.I know,that you like to travel,so I would like to present a trip for you.Feel free to choose the country,but I want to recommend you Montenegro.I was there last year and I really liked this place!". Now,after 9 wonderful days in this country, I would like to say,that I am agree with him and I want to say him "thank you" for this gift.

But my vacation has been finished. Then I visited my family in Tallinn and came back to St.Petersburg. My native city is cold and rainy, as usual. But I like it. It has his own charm and it makes it different from other cities. Tomorrow I will return to my usual life with dates,university,gym,meetings with my friends,but this evening I am going to spend alone in one of my favourite restaurants with panoramic view,drinking glass of wine and looking on my native city.

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    jeny (Saturday, 05 November 2016 10:26)

    nice Info